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CIO1 Business Intelligence


We develop custom Tadabase applications for every business needs.  We are a full-service firm providing our customers a single point of contact for all their needs including custom user interface, programming, API connections with other software applications and m.

We offer:

  • A single point of contact who will make sure your goals are well understood to provide you with guidance to make your app the best it can be.
  • Excellent knowledge of business processes, including sales, accounting, HR, operations and production.
  • All the expertise your project requires including Javascript programming, user interface design and custom APIs. 
  • Weekly progress reports with comments and details of the work completed.
  • Full support

Our past projects include:

  • CRM including time tracking, customer portal, invoicing, reporting, contract generator, sales leads and prospects, sales opportunities, etc.
  • ERP with consolidated inventory from multiple suppliers, price and available quantity update via API, production cards, quotes, orders, invoicing, purchasing and more
  • Complex workflow automations for the health industry
  • Citizen consultation and suggestions portal for municipalities
  • Custom online forms for complex orders such as electoral supplies, company incorporation and more.

All our applications are developed using Tadabase for shorter development time, improved flexibility and lower cost.


General Skills
User Roles & Security Automation Database Structure UI / UX Training Workflows & Processes
Technical Skills
Integration Skills
Tadabase Pipes Zapier

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