How businesses are using Tadabase to find the best hires without the headache.

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Making your next hire with a custom Tadabase app has never been easier. Simply choose the Easy Applicant Tracker template app from our library of prebuilt template apps and then begin customizing the template to your exact recruitment process, workflow requirements, and company branding.


Recruiting is often a dreaded HR process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter Applicant Tracking Systems that only allow for a rigid and un-customizable hiring process. With Tadabase, you can hire in the way that makes the most sense for you and your team and fully customize your applicant tracking according to your unique recruiting needs.


In practice, this means you can create a custom automated workflow to streamline your exact recruiting process and visually manage your entire process with dynamically intuitive components. All on an easy, visual, drag and drop platform that will never ask you to write a single line of code.


Visually track and automate your entire hiring process from start to finish.

From listing open jobs to fielding applicants to making that hire and everything in between- visually track everything you need on one centralized app to recruit fast and recruit smart.



Customize your ideal recruitment process and then automate it, eliminating hours of manual and repetitive work so you can spend more time focused on quality engagement and business growth.


Run custom reports to transform your flat, static data into dynamic and actionable insights that provide you with invaluable analytics into your applicants, jobs, hiring process, overall business, and more so you can make best decisions going forward.


Easy customization, maximum data security.

With defined user access, unique login portals, and custom routes upon login/logout, you can direct your HR team and applicants to each login via their respective secure portals to access only the data and workflow prompts they need to succeed in their unique roles within your unique recruitment process.


You can create as many unique login portals as you need to create custom access for each of your app users, and you can custom-define data access by user role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign to each user.


Sort and rank applicants for quick and easy hiring.

When your HR or hiring team logs into your app via their unique HR login portal, they can easily list open jobs, field applications through custom funnels, sort and rank applicants, interact with applicants, confer with fellow HR members, and ultimately hire the applicants that stand out via the exact hiring process custom-designed by your HR team.



Choosing from an extensive library of components, your HR team can track your jobs, applicants, applications, and overall recruitment progress with visual viewpoints that are eye catching, easy to process, and simply make sense for the data at hand.


Use the Kanban component to visualize your workflow and visually track applicants through every stage of the hiring process, from applied to ranked to interviews to contracts to hired.


Use the map component to visually track open jobs with multiple company locations, geographically tracking each job with custom icons, color tags, and popup detail windows.


Use the calendar component to visually manage your interviews, phone conferences, HR pow-wows, and more with supercharged scheduling features such as inline editing, scheduled automated tasks, drag and drop, and so much more.


Analyze your applicants to the last detail.

Easily manage applicants’ resumes, cover letters, social media links, contact info, ranking, interview evaluations, and more all on one collaborative database secured by password-protected login portals and custom-defined user access. All applicant related documents, images, videos, links, and more can be intuitively stored in one place and easily accessed by all hiring members with security clearance.


The Tadabase infrastructure provides you with the ability to track, rank, and analyze your applicants down to the last detail. We’re talking detail pages and detail pages of your detail pages. Or grandchild pages, as we like to call them.



Run custom reports for powerful analytics and intelligent insights into your applicants, jobs, and recruiting progress overall. Visually summarize report results in custom icon and color coded summary cards that can be displayed on custom dashboards personalized for each user.


Visually track jobs through every stage of the recruiting process.


With the Kanban component, your HR team can visually track applicants through every stage of the application process and they can visually track jobs through every stage of the recruiting process as well, from open to interview-pending to filled, or through whichever unique recruiting process you customize.


You can track jobs by status (open, interviews, filled, etc.), priority (urgent, high, low, etc.), type (full-time, part-time, flexible, freelance, etc.), location (remote, on-site, etc.), position, salary range, company, and by whatever other values you wish to track.



With frontend filtering and inline editing, you can not only filter and edit all your data internally on the backend but you can empower your frontend users to filter and edit your data on the fly, on the frontend of your app as well.



Let the right applicant find you.

When you list open jobs, applicants can browse through your open job listings and submit their applications in one fluid process.


When applicants login to your app via the unique, password-protected applicant login portal, they can visually track open jobs via a myriad of dynamically intuitive components, actionable buttons, color-coded tags, custom icons, detail pop up windows, custom filters, and more.


Applicants can create new filters on the fly, filtering jobs by the position, type, location, salary range, etc. that they are interested in pursuing.


Applicants can also save job listings as favorites, track their application history, and instantly communicate with assigned HR team members regarding job detail inquiries, interview scheduling, and any other applicant-HR related communication.


Visualize your connections.

With all your user roles and data connections collaborating on one centralized app, we make it easy for you to track all your app connections with a visual connection diagram. Visualize your app connections with a tree-view diagram that illustrates all connectivity flowing throughout your app comprising your core app data structure.



With the ability to visualize your app connections, you can easily manage and customize all your app connectivity and collaborations in an illustrative, easy to process format. So as your hiring needs change, your process scales, and your recruiting network grows more complex, adding and customizing your connections will still be ridiculously streamlined and easy to accomplish.



Turn your hiring on autopilot.

Automate your applicant tracking process with our powerful automation functionality that allows you to schedule automated tasks, trigger custom automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions when clicked.


With automated alerts, notifications, emails, texts, and other tasks, you can turn your manual and repetitive labor on autopilot and spend more time on quality interview and team member engagement and business growth.


For instance, you can trigger custom automated emails to applicants with the status of their applications, automatic alerts to applicants reminding them of upcoming interviews, or automatic notifications to HR when a position hasn’t been filled within a custom-defined period of time.


Schedule automated tasks for specific time periods, such as sending automated, personalized-for-each-user emails every Monday morning or on the first day of every month informing applicants of all open job listings within your company.


You can customize as many actionable triggers as you need to create a perfect automated workflow that mimics your ideal recruiting process.


This sounds really customized, do I need to know code or hire developers to use this app?

Actually, non-technical users are our ideal app users as the Tadabase platform was designed on the founding mission that everyone have access to a custom database automation app regardless of technical skill or resource.


Designed with the most powerful database web app functionality on the easiest, drag and drop interface, Tadabase empowers all people to customize their apps without ever writing a single line of code.


So how exactly do I access a custom Tadabase applicant tracking app?

Making your next hire with a custom Tadabase app has never been easier. Simply choose the Easy Applicant Tracker template app from our library of prebuilt template apps and then begin customizing the template to your exact recruitment process, workflow requirements, and company branding.


Fully flexible in customization and scale, you can personalize and build out the applicant tracking template to whatever extent you need. The app is flexible to be kept simple for a small business seeking one or two hires or scaled out into a full-blown employee management app tracking recruitment as well as employee onboarding, training, scheduling, clock in/clock out, and more for all employees beyond the recruitment process.


Supercharge your recruiting and find your greatest hire in minutes with your custom Tadabase app.

To supercharge your recruiting and find the best applicants without the headache, click on the Install Template button below to begin customizing your Tadabase applicant tracking app in minutes.


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