Building complex workflows during User Signup

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Every app development platform has built in processes that enable users to work within the confines of that platform while ensuring that all data retains the level of security and data integrity. Tadabase is no different. While Tadabase makes it easy for users to create applications - made of pre-built Sign Up forms, Login forms, Tables, Lists, Scheduled Tasks, etc. - the reason all of this works together is because behind the scenes, there is a strict adherence to the order data is handled and processed.

It's not something we talk about frequently. These processes usually come up in Customer Support inquiries when a user may ask "why can't I use an equation field in a Record Rule?" The answer here is because Equations are processed at a very specific point in the data creation process.

Background processes is a major theme of the latest episode of Build it with Tim as the entire workflow is packed into a single Form component - specifically the Signup Component. Building an entire workflow into a Signup component is especially challenging since the User record is being created at the same time which limits what data we can use from the Logged In User - since the User record technically doesn't totally exist yet.

For Tadabase, users may not even realize the amount of background processes that are taking place when submitting a form. Here's an example diagram from our Help Center.


The idea behind this episode is this: Allow for Admins to create an account, and simultaneously create and connect to a Company record using the domain name of the User's email address. All subsequent Staff members who create an account will automatically connect to the correct company based on the domain of their email address.

Take a look here.


Using a combination of 8 form rules - 5 record rules and 3 validation rules, we can build this workflow into a Signup Form. Want to see how it's done? Check out the latest episode of Build it with Tim below ?

In this episode, we’ll learn how to build a workflow in the Signup Component to allow for Company Users to create accounts, create companies, and set an automatic connection to the Company using Form Processes, Rules, and Pipes

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