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Track and automate critical real estate processes for buyers, realtors, and agents on one centralized platform.

Track and automate critical real estate processes for buyers, realtors, and agents on one centralized platform.


With real estate markets changing minute by minute, realtors need a management software that can keep up. 

When bloated, cookie-cutter software and scattered, never-ending spreadsheets fall short, realtors turn to Tadabase to create a custom real estate software they can fully customize, update instantly on the fly, and scale just as rapidly as the changing markets. 

The Tadabase Real Estate Software template app is a fully-loaded listings management software that tracks and automates every process of critical real estate operations. 

With 3 unique portals and role-based user permissions, realtors, agents, and buyers can all track their relevant information from one place with zero risk of exposing private, non-related information.

Realtor admins can post listings with stunning, interactive components and track all listing progress, workflow stages, assigned agents, leads, and incoming applications from potential buyers. 

Realtors can seamlessly push listings through every stage of their custom-defined real estate pipelines with automated workflow tasks including sending automated follow up emails and texts to potential buyers, sending automated alerts to agents notifying them of new assigned leads, and triggering automated updates to listing statuses. 

Via the buyer portal, potential buyers can browse posted listings, save listings as favorites, and submit their contact information to receive follow up from an agent regarding specific listings. 

With custom filter options, potential buyers can filter listings by geographic location, by listing type (by agent, for sale by owner, foreclosure, etc.), by listing status (for sale, pending, sold, etc.), and more.

Via the agent portal, agents can manage their assigned listings and leads and follow up with potential buyers with automated tasks including sending automated emails to leads to schedule listing showings and sending automated status update notifications to realtor admins.

With powerful admin controls including login logs, email logs, and user location tracking, app admins can gain critical insights into potential buyers’ details, buying interests, locations, and app activity.

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