Video Production Management Software

The only app you’ll need to automate your video production and streamline your jobs, clients, quotes, equipment, tasks, and more on one secure, collaborative database.

Running a video production company involves many complex steps, processes, and projects. With unique pre-production, production, and post-production tasks, there is simply too much to manage without effective management and automation.

With the Tadabase video production management software template app, you can turn your complex processes into streamlined, automated workflows, triggering a seamless sequence of automated actions that keep your video production company running smoother than ever.

With an extensive library of dynamic components, you can visually track all your video production data with vibrant, colorful, and intuitive viewpoints that make sense. Use the kanban component to visually track your jobs through every stage of the production process, from leads to satisfied clients. Use tables, lists, calendars, maps, and more to track all your jobs, clients, quotes, equipment, projects, individual tasks, and everything else you need with perfect data visualization everytime.  

Run custom reports to gain intelligent insights and analytics into your video production processes and display results in custom icon and color coded summary cards on custom dashboards that can be personalized for each user. All components and their functionality are fully customizable, so you can customize and scale your app to every extent you need.

With Tadabase automation, you can schedule automated tasks, trigger immediate custom automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons triggering a consecutive series of automated actions. By turning all your manual and repetitive work on autopilot, you can actually accomplish more by doing less, and spend more time engaged in the creative tasks you enjoy and in maximizing your business growth.

With unique login portals, custom-defined user access, and custom login and logout routes, your production team and clients can each login via their unique login portals to access only the data and workflow prompts they need based on their role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other criteria you wish to define for each user.

By streamlining all your data on one centralized, collaborative database secured with defined user access and unique login portals, you can ensure that your team's internal collaboration with one another and external collaboration with clients and vendors is always purposeful, fluid, and secure.