Video Production CRM

Create a custom video production CRM and automate your production and client workflows.


Lightweight, cookie-cutter CRMs are uncustomizable and unscalable to your growing video production needs. With the Tadabase Video Production CRM, you can customize your app around your business and scale in minutes with drag and drop ease.

Centralize and secure all your video production operations, jobs, and client-base on one collaborative database password-protected by unique login portals, user permissions, and login, email, and user activity logs.

Use dynamic workflow-visualization components including kanban tables, calendars, maps, and reports to easily track production projects and clients through your custom pipelines. Manage all the information you need at a glance with custom dashboards, status indicators, summary cards, and charts.

Create custom workflows and automate them with scheduled automated tasks and automation-triggered components including forms, tables, and reports.

Save time, money, and errors by automating manual production tasks such as calculating budgets, profits, and expenses, assigning new tasks, and emailing clients for approval or verification. 

With role-based user permissions, you can direct employees, clients, and vendors to collaborate with your custom-defined workflows without the risk of exposing private, non-related information. For instance, create a client portal for clients to login and track the status of their jobs, submit signatures, images, and files for approval or verification, and request quotes for new jobs.