Team Collaboration App

The only app you’ll need to unify your team. 



Don’t change the way your team communicates to fit your software, customize your software to fit your team. The Tadabase team collaboration template app is fully customizable to perfectly match your team’s communication style and needs. Streamline team chats, forums, events, meetings, get togethers, member directory, work spaces, and whatever else you choose to facilitate collaboration for your unique team.


Maintain open-access data for all members or enable login functionality to custom-define what each member can see and do upon login to your app. Choose to keep the app simple as a streamlined collaboration app or build the app out and customize it into a full-fledged team management app with team scheduling, clock in/clock out functionality, team engagement and satisfaction surveys, etc.


Increase quality collaboration amongst your team and eliminate energy spent on administrative-related tasks by creating automation rules that trigger specific actions based on criteria you set. So you can create automatic team-wide notifications when team meetings are about to begin or when a question has been posted by a member and is awaiting response. You can create as many automatic notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks as you need for a seamless flow of collaboration and communication amongst your team, and all triggers can be fully customized to your team’s exact collaboration style and process. 


Choose from our extensive library of components to display your data with the right viewpoint every time. Choose the gallery component to display your team member directory in beautifully laid out, easy to read cards that can be personalized with custom colors and icons, choose the table component for an easy to process view of upcoming events and meetings, choose the map component to display the geographical location of each team member, etc. Whatever the data at hand, choose the perfect component to display it in the way that makes the most sense to you and your team.