Municipal Services App

The only app you’ll need to track municipal services and share invoices with community residents.


Tracking municipal services and coordinating each invoice with the corresponding resident is a tedious, repetitive task. With the Tadabase municipal services template app, you can easily automate these tasks and create an automated workflow for a seamless, streamlined process. 

Trigger automated alerts, notifications, emails and texts, and follow up tasks to occur based on custom-defined criteria that you create. So you can trigger automated, personalized emails/texts to residents when this month’s service bill has been posted, when their accounts are overdue, or when monthly service thresholds have been exceeded, etc. You can automate just about any repetitive, administrative task, streamlining your work process and reducing human error.


Track municipal services, community residents, and the service bills of each resident. Once you post invoices, residents can login to your app to view their invoices and account balances. With our powerful login functionality, users will only see the data relevant for them upon login to ensure maximum data security. You can custom-define the data access for each user by role, job capacity, or whatever other criteria you wish to set.