Wholesale Bakery Software

The only app you’ll need to track and automate your wholesale bakery.

Your wholesale bakery business and the process with which you manage it is too unique to mold to cookie-cutter software limitations. Instead, mold your software to meet your exact bakery needs with the Tadabase bakery software template app that’s completely customizable and in your control.


With two secure login portals, customers and employees can login to your app via their respective portals to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles. When you or your employees login via the secure admin portal, you’ll be greeted with a custom dashboard, displaying your most pertinent stats and bakery progress, and with your custom menu you’ll have quick access to track all your information, including products, orders, customers, invoices, ingredients, and whatever other data you need to track.


Showcase your wholesale baked goods to your customers using our collection of components, including the gallery component, a visually appealing display of easy to read, custom color and icon coded cards that can be personalized with each product. Once you post your baked goods, customers can login via their secure customer portal to browse your products and submit orders. 


Automate your workflow by creating automated notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks, streamlining your process and eliminating countless hours of repetitive, administrative tasks. By creating custom automated triggers, you and your employees can receive automatic notifications when customers submit new orders or when product inventory falls below a custom-defined quantity, or your customers can receive automated, personalized emails/texts when a new product has been added to your product list, etc. You can create as many automated triggers as you need to perfect your automated workflow, and you can create as many login portals as you need to maintain your workflow and ensure maximum data security.