Teamwork App

The only app you’ll need to unify your team. 


Don’t change the way your team communicates to fit your software, customize your software to fit your team. The Tadabase teamwork app template can be fully customized around your team’s unique communication style with powerful automation functionality to streamline your exact collaboration process.


Streamline team chats, forums, FAQs, events, meetings, get togethers, member directory, work spaces, and more all on one centralized, collaborative database secured with maximum data security. 


Maintain open data access for all team members or enable login functionality to custom-define each user’s data access according to their user role, team position, or logged-in status.  


With unique login portals, defined user access, and custom routing upon login/logout, team members and team admin personnel can each login via their respective secure portals to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on your custom-defined user access settings. Admin members can login via their unique admin portal to approve new members, create and moderate forums, automate event organization and enrollment, delete members, and more. Non-admin team members can login via their unique member portal to collaborate with one another on team chats and forums, browse upcoming events, update their individual member profiles, and more. 


Turn all manual and repetitive tasks involved in your collaboration process on autopilot and spend more time on quality teamwork and team engagement. Schedule recurring automated tasks, trigger on-demand automated workflows with a click of a button, and use record rules to manipulate records to trigger automated actions behind the scenes when forms are submitted. Automate your collaboration by triggering automated emails, texts, reminders, alerts, and notifications to be sent at specific times or on-demand with the ability to personalize each message per each recipient. 


Visually track your team collaboration with dynamic components that are engaging, fun, easy to process, interactive, and actionable. Our extensive library of components include dynamic features such as drag and drop, workflow visualization, inline editing, frontend filtering, custom color tags and icons, custom status indicators, pop up detail windows, and more. 


Fully flexible in design, functionality, and scale, the teamwork app template can be kept simple as a streamlined team collaboration app or it can be easily customized and built out into a robust team management platform including full-blown project management functionality, team engagement management, and more.