Sales CRM

The only app you’ll need to automate your sales customer relationship pipeline and track sales reps as they win customers and proposals.

Automate your sales customer relationship management process with the Tadabase Sales CRM template app that empowers you to customize your app around your unique CRM process and create your ideal automated workflow. 


With this template, sales reps can track their customers through every stage of your custom customer relationship pipeline, tracking their interactions with contacts and leads, proposals, and upcoming meetings and follow up tasks, until their contacts become leads and their leads become customers. Sales managers can track the progress of their assigned sales reps as well as the progress of your total customer and proposal wins overall. 


Automate this process and create a streamlined workflow by creating automated notifications, alerts, and emails/texts that are automatically triggered when your custom-defined criteria is met. So you can create automated alerts to notify managers when sales reps’ proposal wins fall below a custom-defined value, when a new customer interaction has been logged, or when a sales rep changes the status of a lead to customer. You can create as many actionable triggers as you need to establish your ideal automated workflow, empowering you to spend less time on repetitive, administrative tasks and more time on quality customer engagement and business growth. 


To enhance your automated workflow, the app provides 2 unique portals so that sales reps and sales managers can login to their respective portals to access only the data that is relevant to them and engage only in the tasks relevant to them based on their user roles. With our powerful login functionality, you can custom-define exactly what each user can see and do upon login to your app, ensuring maximum data security and workflow efficiency.