Recipe Organizer

The only app you’ll need to share your culinary creations with the world and track recipes, reviews, ingredient lists, and more. 

Whether you’re looking to organize your recipes for your culinary business, blog, or personal use, the Tadabase recipe organizer template app makes it easy to track and automate your recipe sharing and organizing process. 


Using the gallery component, you can post your recipes in visually appealing, easy to read cards that can be personalized with custom colors and icons based on each recipe. You can include all relevant details, such as images, videos, ingredients, step by step instructions, calories, total review score, total recipe time, recipe type, recipe difficulty, etc., and you can add or customize as many components as you wish from our extensive component library to display your data however it makes the most sense to you and your users. With a custom dashboard, you can easily track your important stats at a glance as well as your recipes, recipes ideas, reviews, and more.


When you post a new recipe, your user subscribers can receive automated, personalized emails or texts notifying them of your new recipe.Your users can then login via their unique user portal to view the new recipe and post a review based on their experience. Once a user posts a review, you or your admin team can receive automatic alerts notifying them that a new review has been posted.


With scheduled automated tasks, automated workflows, and supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions when clicked, you can create as many automated triggers as you wish to streamline your entire process and automate your workflow. 


Users can also login to browse all your published recipes, filtering recipes by meal time, food type, or any additional filter they wish to add on the fly, on the frontend of your app. They can also save recipes to their favorites lists and create shopping lists based on the recipes they choose to use. 


You or your admin team can add as many recipes as you wish, and you can choose to manually add your recipes or import your existing recipe CSV files which will be instantly transformed into beautifully presented cards that are easy to read and fully customizable.


WIth two unique login portals, your admin team and your users can each login via their respective secure portals to access only the data and workflow triggers they need based on their user roles, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to define for each user.  Login and data access functionality are completely in your control to customize in order to ensure maximum data security and workflow efficiency.