Municipal Software

The only app you’ll need to streamline and automate municipal service operations and share invoices with community residents.

Tracking municipal services and coordinating each invoice with the corresponding resident can involve many manual and repetitive tasks. Save time and money by automating these tasks and streamlining your municipal operations on one centralized, secure database with the Tadabase municipal software template app.

Automate your workflow by triggering automated tasks on-demand with supercharged buttons and action links or by scheduling recurring automated tasks to occur at specific times or upon specific events. Use record rules to manipulate records and trigger automated actions behind the scenes when forms are submitted, and send automated emails, texts, reminders, alerts, and notifications on-schedule or on-demand with the ability to customize each message per recipient. 

Secured with unique login portals, defined user access, custom routing upon login/logout, and more, you can custom-direct each user to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user. 

Municipal employees can login to your app via their unique admin portal to visually track municipal services, community residents, and the service bills of each resident. Citizens can login via their unique citizen portal to visually track their invoices, services, announcements and meetings pertaining to their residences, and more. 

All data can be tracked with visual, dynamic, and actionable components that are easy to process and interactive. Display your data with the right visual every time by choosing from our extensive library of components including dynamic features such as drag and drop, workflow visualization, inline editing, frontend filtering, frontend import and export templates, pop up detail windows, custom color tags and icons, custom status indicators, and more.