Jewelry Catalog

The only app you’ll need to showcase your jewelry to customers and manage sales.

Streamline your jewelry business with the Tadabase jewelry catalog template app. Easy to use, yet powerfully flexible, this template can be kept simple for a boutique jewelry business or scaled to meet the complexities of a large chain jewelry franchise.  


With powerful login and data access functionality, admin employees can login via their unique portal to post jewelry, track inventory, and visually organize jewelry by category, price, ID number, description, etc. Customers can then browse through posted jewelry and jewelry categories, add jewelry to their shopping carts, and submit their orders. 


Automate your workflow by creating automated alerts, notifications, emails and texts, and follow up tasks that are automatically triggered once the custom criteria you set is met. So you can create automated, personalized emails to customers when a new piece has been introduced to your collection or automated notifications to your admin team when inventory falls below a custom-defined quantity. You can create as many actionable triggers as you need to automate your workflow and streamline your jewelry process. 


Through every step of your process, showcase your jewelry in the best angle every time by choosing from our extensive library of components. Use the gallery component to display your jewelry in beautifully-presented, easy to process cards that can be personalized with custom colors and icons. Use the table component to list your jewelry details, including images, pricing, ID numbers, descriptions, etc. in an easy to process, organized format. Whatever the data at hand, the choice is yours to display your data in the way that makes the most sense to you, your team, and your customers.