Food Delivery App

The only app you’ll need to post menus and accept customer orders for pickup or delivery.

Whether you’re looking to create a food ordering and delivery app for just one restaurant or for multiple restaurants and cuisines, the Tadabase food delivery app template provides the infrastructure to build out a powerful food ordering and delivery service that can be kept simple or scaled to your exact needs. You can easily automate your food ordering and delivery process by adding automatic triggers for automated alerts, notifications, and emails/texts, and more.


When customers visit your app, they can browse your posted menus, submit orders for pickup or delivery, and track their order histories for easy reorders. When a customer submits an order, admin employees can receive an automated alert notifying them of the new order and order details. Admin employees can then login via their secure admin portal to track orders, manage sales, and update the status of orders to processing, ready for pickup/delivery, delivered, etc. When employees mark an order as ready for pickup/delivery, this can trigger an automated, personalized text or email to the associated customer notifying the customer of their order status. You can create as many automated triggers as you wish to streamline your food ordering and delivery process and build your custom automated workflow.


With powerful login and data security functionality, you can custom-define exactly what your users can see and do upon login to your app based on their user roles, job capacities, or any other criteria you wish to set. To ensure data privacy and maximum workflow efficiency, the app provides two unique, secure portals for customers and admin employees to login via their respective portals to access only the data and workflow triggers relevant to their unique user roles.