Flooring App

The only app you’ll need to automate your flooring business and visually track jobs from customer leads to successful installations.

Designed with the most powerful database functionality on an easy to use, drag and drop interface, the Tadabase flooring app template has the flexibility to be kept simple for a boutique flooring shop or scaled and built out for a large flooring enterprise. At whatever scale you choose, the flooring app template can be fully customized around your exact business needs, process and workflow, and company branding so you never again have to change your business to fit industry-wide, cookie-cutter software. 


With unique secure login portals, flooring administrative employees and flooring installer technicians can each login to the app via their respective portals to access the data and workflow prompts relevant to their specific user roles. You can custom-define exactly what each user can see and do on your app and route each user to specific pages upon login with custom user login routes.


Upon login via their unique admin portal, admin employees can track jobs, customers, installers, materials, sales, and everything else they need to manage flooring jobs from customer lead to successful installation. Upon login via their unique installer portal, installers are greeted with custom dashboards displaying their assigned jobs, job details and status, and anything else they need to complete a successful flooring installation.


Choosing from an extensive library of components, data can be displayed visually and intelligently from multiple viewpoints, including calendars, maps, cards, tables, lists, and more. With the kanban component, you can visually manage your workflow and track jobs visually through every stage of the installation process from open job to installed. Run custom reports to gain invaluable analytics into your business regarding jobs, customers, technicians, sales, etc., and display results on custom user dashboards with summary cards that can be customized with custom colors and icons.


Automate your flooring business with scheduled automated tasks, custom automated workflows, and custom buttons that trigger a consecutive flow of automatic actions. Fully customize the rules that trigger your automated workflow and personalize each automated notification, alert, email, text, and follow up task that keeps your automated work process flowing.