Event Organizer

The only app you’ll need to publish and track events, accept event submissions, and facilitate event collaboration.

Whether you’re organizing events for personal or professional use, the Tadabase event organizer template app provides the foundation you need to accept event submissions and publish events to share with your followers. Designed with the most powerful database web app functionality on an easy, drag and drop interfacce, this template can be kept simple as an easy event organizer or it can be scaled and built out into a full-blown event planning management app.


You can easily automate your event organizing and publishing process by adding automatic triggers for automated alerts, notifications, and emails/texts, and more.


When people visit your app, they can browse through upcoming events, submit events for publishing, and collaborate with one another on your forum, posting event-related questions, answers, comments, and more. When people submit an event, you and your event admin team can receive an automatic alert notifying you of a new event submission.


You or your admin team can then login to your app via the secure admin portal to either approve or deny the event submission or mark it as pending review. The person who submitted the event can then receive an automatic, personalized email or text with the status of their submission. Your followers and your admin team can also receive automatic notifications or emails/texts when a new question or comment has been posted on the forum or when a new event has been published, etc. You can create as many automated triggers as you wish to establish your ideal custom automated workflow. 


With custom component options, you can display your events however you wish. You can choose the gallery component to publish your events in easy to read, visually appealing cards that can be personalized with custom colors and icons based on each event. You can choose the calendar component to show a month’s events at a glance and the kanban component to visually display your events through each stage of the publishing approval process. Whatever the data at hand, the choice is yours to display it with the component that makes the most sense to you and your users.