Equipment Rental Manager

The only app you'll need to automate your rental process and visually track rentals, equipment, customers, sales, and more.

Whether you rent out construction equipment, production equipment, medical equipment, or any other equipment type, you’re looking for a better way to track, analyze, and automate your equipment rental data and operational processes. 


With Tadabase, you can finally manage your equipment rental company all on one single application, and configure your app entirely around your business operations so you can make instant changes on the fly and scale your app as your business grows. All on an easy, visually intuitive platform that requires no code or development expertise of any kind. 


Create custom workflows and automate them with automated emails, texts, alerts, notifications, reminders, and more. Schedule automated tasks, trigger automated workflows on demand, and manipulate records to trigger automated tasks behind the scenes when forms are submitted. 


Use dynamic forms to collect accurate data as it occurs in real-time as well as interactive charts, reports, and formulas to analyze your data in-real time and make critical decisions in the moment. 


Use our dynamic calendars, maps, kanban tables, and more to visually track and interact with all your data and operations including your workflows, equipment, rentals, customers, sales, inventory, etc. Summarize all your critical stats, including real-time inventory and custom status indicators, on custom dashboards that can be personalized per user.


Share your data with whomever you need by adding users, logins, user roles and permissions, and native and third party integrations. Secure your app, or specific pages and records within your app, according to user roles and logged-in status to share your data with the right people and keep work flowing to the right users. Share invoices and current stock with customers and schedule automated emails and texts to customers to alert them when rentals are due.