Donor Management Software

The only app you’ll need to manage your donors, donations, and charity campaigns.

When it comes to fundraising, meticulous management of donations and receipts is critical. With the Tadabase Donor Management Software template app, you can easily manage all your campaigns, donations, receipts, and donor directory all in one place. 


With a custom dashboard, you can easily track all campaigns’ progress at a glance as well as outstanding receipts, upcoming donor meetings and fundraisers, donation stats and analytics, and more. With powerful grouping and filter options, users can view data by campaigns, by individual donors, by receipts outstanding, etc. And with multiple components to choose from, like kanban, cards, tables, maps, forms, etc., you can display your data however it makes the most sense to you and your team.


Automate many administrative, repetitive tasks involved in your donation management process with custom-defined actionable triggers that automatically perform an action when the criteria you set is met. So you can enable automated notifications to your team when receipts are overdue or when new donations come in, personalized thank you emails automatically sent to your donors after a successful fundraiser, or personalized donation requests automatically emailed to your donor directory at custom-defined intervals throughout the year. You can create as many automated triggers as you wish to automate your exact donor management process. 


With maximum login and data security functionality, you can customize and control which team members have access to which campaigns and sensitive donor information to ensure utmost discretion and privacy protection. Donors can login as well to view their individual donations and receipts.