Donor Management Software

The only app you’ll need to manage your donors, donations, and charity campaigns.

When it comes to fundraising, meticulous management of donations and receipts is critical.

With the Tadabase donor management software template app, you can easily manage all your campaigns, donations, receipts, and donor directory all on one secure, collaborative database.

No more uncustomizable, cookie-cutter donor management softwares or flat, limited spreadsheets. With Tadabase, you can finally display your data in dynamic viewpoints that bring your data to life with colorful visuals and intuitive, interactive presentations. With a myriad of dynamic components to choose from, you can visualize your workflow and visually track donors through every stage of the campaign process with the kanban component, visually track campaigns with supercharged calendar and map components, as well as other dynamic components including tables, accordion views, gallery views, and so much more.

Run custom reports to gain invaluable analytics and insights into your campaigns, donors, and donations, and summarize results on custom color and icon coded summary cards that can be added to custom dashboards.

Dashboards can be personalized per user, displaying each user's relevant analytics, stats, assigned tasks, upcoming meetings and fundraisers, and whatever else each user needs for campaign success based on his/her role in the campaign process. With powerful frontend functionality including frontend filtering and inline editing, users can edit on the fly and track data with custom filters such as filtering by campaign, by individual donor, by receipts outstanding, and by any filter or category they wish to track information.

With unique login portals, custom-defined user data access, and custom routes upon login/logout, you can customize and control which team members have access to which campaigns and sensitive donor information to ensure utmost discretion and privacy protection. You can custom-direct each user to access only the data, assigned tasks, and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user. You can add as many unique login portals as you need to customize data access, such as a unique donor portal for donors themselves to login and browse campaigns, donate to specific campaigns, view their donations, receipts, upcoming fundraisers, etc.

Automate your donation and campaign workflows and streamline your processes, turning all your manual and repetitive work into automatic peace of mind. Schedule recurring automated tasks, trigger immediate, custom automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions when clicked.

Automate emails, texts, alerts, notifications, and many other tasks that can be fully customized and personalized for each user. So you can schedule custom-per-donor emails to be automatically sent to donors on the first day of every month, notifying them of new campaigns and upcoming fundraiser events, or you can create automated notifications to your team that trigger when receipts are overdue or when new donations come in, etc. You can create as many automated triggers and workflows as you need to streamline your exact donor management process.