Course Management System

The only app you’ll need to post your course catalogue, enroll students, and track all student and course data.

The Tadabase course management template app is a fully customizable solution that can be personalized to meet the exact needs of single educators or easily scaled to serve the complex processes of large educational institutions or school districts. 


No matter the scale, all data is safeguarded by maximum data security functionality, including unique login portals, custom-defined user access, and custom login/logout routes, which ensure that educators, students, admin faculty, and other users are each custom-directed to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign per user. 


Educators can login via their unique educator portal to post their course catalogs and track their individual courses, course schedules, student enrollment, student attendance, student performance, student grades, and more. Enrollment can be automated with custom-defined class limits that automatically open and close enrollment with custom notifications.


Students can login via their respective student portal to browse open courses, filtering courses on the fly based on their interests, schedules, course requirements, etc. with powerful frontend filtering functionality. Students can save courses as favorites and enroll in open courses that meet their needs. Once enrolled, students can manage their ongoing courses by tracking their course schedules, course syllabuses, attendance history, account balances, and more.


While educators can login to access only their individual course and student information, school admin faculty can login via their unique admin portal to track all educator and student information, view school-wide enrollment and stats, track and send invoices, send school-wide emails and texts directly from the app, as well as track their individual schedules, meetings, task lists, and more. 


In addition to defining each user role’s data access, you can also automate each user role’s unique process and workflow with powerful Tadabase automation. Each user role- educators, students, and admin faculty- collaborates with your app with a particular workflow that involves many manual and repetitive tasks that eat up a significant amount of time and resources. With Tadabase automation, you can turn these manual and repetitive tasks on autopilot for each user, empowering educators to spend more time engaged in the classroom, students to spend more time on quality learning and engagement, and admin to spend more time on school-wide growth. 


Schedule automated tasks to recur at specific times or upon specific events, trigger on-demand automated actions, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a consecutive flow of automated actions. Manipulate records automatically and send custom emails, texts, reminders, alerts, notifications, and more at specific times or on-demand with the ability to customize each outgoing message per user. 


Empower educators, students, admin faculty, and whichever other users you wish to invite to collaborate with your app to bring their data to life with dynamic components that track data visually, colorfully, and intuitively. 


No more sad, static displays of data that are difficult to process and a pain to track. With Tadabase’s extensive library of dynamically-featured components, your users can visually track their data with intuitive viewpoints that are a pleasure to track, easy to process, and include interactive features such as drag and drop, inline editing, frontend filtering, pop up detail windows, custom icons and color tags, and more. 


With innovative functionality and limitless flexibility, the Tadabase course management template app can be fully customized to meet your exact educational needs. The app can be kept simple or scaled and built out to include advanced functionality such as student subscriptions, course payments, student forums, educator-advisor-administrator forums, linking your app to other school systems for comprehensive student data tracking, measuring class / school / district / city / etc. wide achievement averages and gaps, and more. The scale and functionality possibilities are endless with a Tadabase app that is fully customizable and in your control.