Course Management System

The only app you’ll need to post your course catalogue, enroll students, and track all student and course data.

The Tadabase Course Management template app can be used to track any level of education and scaled for any type of educational institution. The app is simple enough to be mastered as-is by single educators to manage their individual courses and students, and also powerful and flexible enough to be scaled to meet the exact processes of large universities or school districts. 


Kept simple, educators can post their course catalogs and students can enroll in classes and login to manage their individual course schedules, attendance, course information, etc.. Educators can login to track their courses, course schedules, student enrollment, student attendance, student performance, student grades, and more. If needed, the app can easily be customized and built out to include additional functions, such as course payments and account balances, connecting teachers, advisors, and administrators in a collaborative forum, linking your app to other school systems for comprehensive student data tracking, measuring class/school/district/city/etc. wide achievement averages and gaps, and more. The possibilities are limitless when your app is fully in your hands to customize and scale as you wish. 


No matter how many functions and users you have for your app, you can custom-define what each user can see and do on your app with powerful login and data security functionality. So once you post your courses, students can login to view your open courses, filter and group courses by their interests, schedules, course requirements, etc., save courses as favorites, and enroll in open courses that meet their needs. If expanded to include other educators and administrators, educators can login to view their courses, enrollment, and student data, while admin members can login to view school-wide enrollment and stats overall as well as their particular schedules, task lists, upcoming meetings, etc. All user data-access is fully customizable and controlled by you, and you can further maximize data security with login and audit logs that allow you to monitor any changes made to your app as well as all login activity.


Automate much of your course management system by creating custom-defined triggers for automatic notifications, alerts, emails/texts, and follow up tasks based on the criteria you set. So you can trigger automatic alerts when classes reach full capacity or custom automatic emails to students when you update a course’s schedule or post a new assignment. Once again, the automation possibilities are fully-customizable so you can streamline your process exactly as you need. 


You can choose from our expansive library of components to display your data with the perfect viewpoint every time. You can choose the gallery component to display your courses in easy to read, custom color and icon coded cards, the calendar component to display students’ course schedules, or the map component to geographically display classroom locations throughout the campus, etc. Whatever the data at hand, the component choice is yours to display your data in the way that makes the most sense to you and your users.