Childcare CRM

The only app you’ll need to connect parents with the children in your care. 



Take your daycare to the next level with the Tadabase Childcare CRM template app. 


When parents or caregivers drop their children off in your care, they’ll be instantly reassured and delighted with the opportunity to stay connected with their loved ones throughout the day via your childcare app. 


With their own secure login portal, parents can login to your childcare app to view pictures of their child enjoying him/herself throughout the day and keep informed of significant daily information regarding their child, such as napping, eating, or any other activity you and parents would like to track for each particular child. With Tadabase’s powerful data access and login functionality, parents can only access information regarding their particular children and teachers can only access information regarding their assigned children, ensuring maximum privacy and data security. 


You and your teachers can login via your unique admin portal to track every time children are checked in and checked out of your daycare as well as post activity updates, images, videos, and more for all children checked-in to your daycare each day. You can also track the general information of all your children, parents, teachers, invoices, attendance history, and more.


Automate your workflow by creating actionable triggers for automated notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks to streamline your process and eliminate countless hours spent on repetitive, administrative tasks. So you can create triggers for parents to receive custom automated texts whenever an update regarding their child is logged or for administrative teachers to receive automated alerts whenever parents login to your app. You can create as many automated triggers as you need to streamline your childcare process and build your perfect automated workflow.


Your app is in your full control, and with login and audit logs you can monitor every change made to your app as well as all login activity to maximize your control and data security even more.