HOA Management

The only app you'll need to automate your HOA management, track properties and residents, and share invoices, announcements, and upcoming events with members.

The Tadabase HOA management template app streamlines your entire HOA management process while providing 2 unique portals for residents and HOA board members to login via their respective portals, access their unique data, and collaborate with your app exactly as you wish based on their unique user roles. 


With custom dashboards, each user type can login to an immediate view of their pertinent information at a glance. When residents login via the residents portal, they’ll be greeted with a custom dashboard with their unique information listed, including their specific property information, upcoming events they’ve been invited to, and HOA announcements pertinent to their properties. 


HOA board members will also be greeted with personalized dashboards upon login to the board member portal. Board member dashboards will list penitent membership stats, such as total active members and monthly events, as well as any other stats you’d like for board members to see upon login. Board members will also have access to resident information, property information, connected resident-property information, fellow board members’ information, etc.  


You can create as many unique portals and user roles as you need, and all data access is secure and private with powerful login functionality that is entirely customizable and controlled by you.


Automate your process with automatic alerts, notifications, emails and texts, and follow up tasks that trigger when certain criteria you set is met. So you can trigger automated emails to residents with new announcements or automated alerts reminding them of upcoming events. Or you can trigger automatic notifications to board members when membership dues haven’t been renewed or when property details have changed. The automation properties are limitless with a custom Tadabase app, and you can create as many actionable triggers as you wish to streamline your HOA management process for a smooth, seamless workflow.