Event Coordinator

The only app you’ll need to post your events, track guests and RSPVs, and automate registration.


Coordinating your events is easy with the Tadabase event coordinator template app. Publish your events with beautifully presented, custom color and icon coded cards that can be personalized for each event. 

Guests can browse through your published events, filtering them by dates, event type, price, etc., and sign up to register for the event(s) of their choice. Within their own secure guest login portal, guests can view and update their RSVP status, create custom itineraries, save events to their favorites lists, and more. 


When guests register for events, you and your coordination team can then login via your own secure coordinator portal to track all guest RSVPs and registration limits, opening and closing event registrations based on real-time RSVP counts. Additionally, you and your fellow coordinators can track all events, event details, guest information, and any other data you’d like to manage. 


With powerful data security and login functionality, you can custom-define what users can see and do upon login to your app based on their user roles, job capacities, or any other criteria you wish to set. You can create as many user roles and unique login portals as you need to maximize your data security and workflow efficiency. 


Automate your event coordination workflow by creating actionable triggers for automated notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks. So you can create a trigger for your admin team to receive automated alerts when event registration limits have been met, or you can create a trigger for guests to receive automated, personalized emails/texts when new events similar to events they’ve attended in the past have been posted. Create as many actionable triggers as you need to build your custom automated workflow and eliminate countless hours previously spent on all the repetitive, administrative tasks involved in coordinating events.