Event Coordinator

The only app you’ll need to publish your events, visually track registration, payments, and guests, and automate your registration process.

Coordinating your events is easy with the Tadabase event coordinator template app. 

Publish your events with beautifully presented, custom color and icon coded cards that can be personalized for each event. Showcase your events and event details from multiple angles, choosing from our extensive library of dynamic components that bring your events to life with visual, eye catching, and interactive viewpoints that are fully customizable in feature and design. Visually track your events, registration, guest information, and anything else you need to coordinate successful events with interactive component features such as drag and drop, workflow visualization, inline editing, frontend filtering, frontend importing and exporting, custom color tags and icons, custom status indicators, pop up detail windows, and so much more. 

Once you publish your events, your end-users can browse through them, creating custom filters on the fly to filter events by event type, dates, price range, and more. Potential guests can login to your app via a unique guest login portal to register and pay for events, save events as favorites, create custom itineraries, track their event history, track event updates and announcements, and more. 

Event coordinators can login via their own unique coordinator portal to publish new events and visually track all events, payments, registration, guest information, and more. 

With unique login portals, defined user access, and custom routing upon login/logout, you can custom-direct each user to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, or logged-in status. 

Automate your event coordination and registration process by turning all manual and repetitive tasks on autopilot. For instance, rather than manually opening and closing event registration based on registration limits, easily automate this process in just a few clicks by creating record rules to automatically open and close registration based on your custom-defined registration limits and display custom messages registration submissions are approved and denied. 

Trigger automated workflows on-demand with supercharged buttons and action links, or schedule recurring automated tasks to occur at specific times or upon specific events. Customize your automated workflow with automated emails, texts, reminders, alerts, and notifications that can each be personalized per recipient.