Automobile Shop Software

The only app you’ll need to automate your auto repair business and accelerate growth.


In your auto repair business, you want employees engaged in quality repair work and customer service, not getting bogged down with repetitive administrative tasks. With the Tadabase automobile shop software template app, you can automate your workflow and turn your auto shop processes on autopilot so you can spend more time and resources on quality work and business growth.


Schedule automated tasks to recur at specific times or upon specific events, trigger automated actions on-demand, and create supercharged buttons that trigger automated workflows. Manipulate records to trigger automated actions behind the scenes and send automated emails, texts, reminders, notifications, alerts, and more at specific times or on-demand with each correspondence personalized per user. 


Reduce error and increase employee engagement by transforming your static data into dynamically visual components that are interactive, actionable, engaging, and easy to process. Visually track your jobs, services, parts, orders, invoices, customers, employees, and more with an extensive selection of components that include dynamic features such as drag and drop, inline editing, frontend filtering, custom color tags and icons, pop up details windows, and more. Visually track your vehicles through every stage of your repair process with the kanban component, visually track your employees’ scheduling with the interactive calendar component, run custom reports and summarize results in custom color and icon coded summary cards that can be displayed on custom dashboards personalized per user, and so much more. 


Secure your data and direct your workflow to the right hands at all times with customized data access per user, unique login portals, custom routing upon login/logout, and more.


With unique login portals, admin employees and service employees can each login via their respective, secure portals to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user. 


Service employees can login via their unique service employee portal to track and update the status of their assigned services and jobs, view their shift schedules, clock in and out, and more while admin employees can login via their unique admin portal to track and update all jobs, services, customers, parts to be ordered, employee scheduling and payroll, billing, and more. You can create a unique customer portal for customers to login as well to track the status of their repairs, view and pay invoices, schedule and update appointments, and more. You can create as many login portals and user roles as you need to maximize your data security and direct your workflow and data access to the right user every time.  


With its functionality fully in your control to scale and customize, the Tadabase automobile shop software template app is flexible to meet the simpler, contained needs of a local mechanic shop as well as the complex processes of a large auto repair chain.