Hair Salon Management

The only app you’ll need to track your hair salon services and scheduling.

There is so much behind the scenes when it comes to effectively running a hair salon. Scheduling, customer information, services rendered, products sold, manufacturers, etc. are just some of the many factors that play a role in maintaining a thriving, well-managed hair salon. With the Tadabase hair salon management template app, managing your hair salon has never been easier. Fully customizable to your exact needs, this template app is simply enough for a boutique hair salon to master as-is and powerful enough for a large-chain hair salon franchise to customize and scale to its every need.


No matter the scale, every hair salon can use this template to create a seamless automated workflow with custom-defined triggers that automate certain actions based on the criteria you set. So you can trigger personalized automated emails/texts reminding customers of upcoming appointments or overdue accounts, or you can trigger automatic notifications when hair products are low in stock, which can subsequently trigger automatic custom emails to the designated manufacturers for reorders. The automation possibilities are limitless, empowering you to streamline your repetitive, administrative tasks and spend more time interacting with your customers and growing your business. 


With powerful login and user access controls, you can custom-define what each of your users can see and do upon login to your app so you know your data is always secure and private. So your customers can login to make appointments, view/change their appointments, check the status of their services, view and pay their bills, etc. Stylists can login to view their upcoming appointments, update their schedules, update the status of services rendered by them, etc. User data-access is fully in your control, and with login and audit logs you can maximize data security even further by monitoring any changes made to your app as well as all login activity.