Hair Salon Management

The only app you’ll need to track and automate your hair salon services and scheduling.

Appointments, stylist scheduling, customer information, services rendered, products sold, manufacturers, etc. are just some of the many factors that play a role in running a thriving, well-managed hair salon. With the Tadabase hair salon management template app, you can automate your entire salon management from A-Z and visually track everything you need to keep your salon running smoothly and successfully at all times.

Schedule recurring automated tasks, trigger immediate, custom automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions. Trigger automated emails, texts, notifications, alerts, as well as many other tasks that can each be customized as needed and personalized for each user.

By creating your ideal automated workflow and streamlining your entire salon process, you can eliminate countless hours spent on repetitive, manual tasks and spend more time growing your business and doing the creative work you enjoy and your clients seek.

With unique login portals, custom-defined user data-access, and custom login/logout routes, you can custom-direct each user to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user.

With two unique login portals, both admin and employees can each login via their separate login portals to securely access only the data, assigned tasks, and workflow prompts relevant to them. Stylists can login to view only their assigned appointments, update their specific scheduling, update the status of services they rendered, etc. Admin employees can login to view and modify all appointments and scheduling, view and send invoices to clients, manage and restock inventory, etc. A third unique portal can easily be added for customers to login to view, make, or cancel appointments, pay their invoices, shop products. etc. You can create as many unique login portals as you need and custom-define each user's data access however you wish to maintain total control of your app and data security.

With audit and email logs you can monitor every time a change is made to your app as well as all email activity so you can take your data security and control to the next level.

Fully customizable and scalable to your exact needs, this template app can be kept simple as-is for a boutique hair salon or scaled and built out to meet the complex needs of a large, multi-chain salon franchise.