Field Service Management

The only app you’ll need to track and automate your field service business from leads and designs to successful installations and happy customers.

In field service businesses, there are many manual and tedious tasks involved in completing successful installations and technicians need a software that can keep up. Unlike clunky, cookie-cutter softwares and flat, gridlike spreadsheets, the Tadabase field service management template app can be fully customized around your unique workflow and business processes with maximum data security functionality, innovative automation tools, and dynamic components that empower you to visually track your data with interactive viewpoints that make sense. 


Visually track your leads, customers, jobs, orders, designs, installations, technicians, reviews, invoices, and more with an extensive library of components that include dynamically interactive features such as drag and drop, inline editing, frontend filtering, custom color tags and icons, pop up detail windows, and more. Interactive components include the kanban component to visually track your jobs through every stage of the installation process, the map component for technicians to visually and interactively track their job routes, the calendar component to visually track your installation dates and technician scheduling, and many more. 


Automate your workflow and turn all manual and repetitive tasks on autopilot, empowering your technicians to spend more time on quality installations and customer engagement and your admin employees to spend more time and money on business growth. 


Schedule automated tasks to recur at specific times or upon specific events, trigger automated tasks on-demand, and create actionable buttons that trigger automated workflows. Create record rules to manipulate records automatically with form submissions, and trigger automatic emails, texts, reminders, alerts, notifications, and more to be automatically sent at scheduled times or on-demand with uniquely custom messages per user.  


With unique login portals and custom routing upon login/logout, admin employees and technicians can each login via their respective, secure portals to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to them based on their user roles. Technicians can login via their unique technician portal to view their assigned jobs and job routes, clock in and out, update the status and priority of their assigned jobs, and more. Admin employees can login via their unique admin portal to view, update, and track all job, customer, and technician data, send invoices to customers, run custom reports for critical analytics into job stats, technician performance, business growth, etc., and more. You can easily create a unique customer portal for customers to login and view the status of their installations, schedule and track their installation dates, view and pay invoices, and more. 


You can create as many unique login portals as you need to streamline your entire work process and you can custom-define each user’s data access by user role, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user.  


Fully flexible in functionality and scale, the Tadabase field service management template app can be utilized simply as is or scaled and extended into a robust home design app or general contractor management app.