Bakery Software

The only app you’ll need to share your baked goods with the world , visually track orders, inventory, and sales, and automate all your work processes from start to finish.

Your bakery is unique with its own story, brand, and team. Give your bakery the flexibility and personalization it deserves with the Tadabase bakery software template app that is fully customizable to your exact workflow, design, and scaling needs. 


Share your baked goods with your customers with dynamic designs and visually impressive components that are interactive, actionable, and bring your culinary creations to life. Choose from an extensive library of components to showcase all your data, including images, availability, pricing, calories, dietary tags, ingredients, and any other information you’d like to share with your customers, with dynamically interactive features including drag and drop, inline editing, frontend filtering, custom color tags and icons, custom status indicators, pop up detail windows, frontend importing and exporting, and more. All components can be custom-designed with advanced settings so you can display your data in the best light every time and impress your customers from every angle. 


Eliminate the manual and repetitive tasks involved in your bakery workflow by streamlining your work process and automating your workflow with Tadabase’s revolutionary automation functionality. Schedule automated tasks to recur at specific times or trigger automated workflows on-demand. Manipulate records to trigger automated actions behind the scenes when forms are submitted, and trigger automated emails, texts, reminders, alerts, notifications, and more which the ability to customize each outgoing message per recipient.


With unique login portals and defined user access, employees and customers can each login to your app via their respective unique portals to access only the data and workflow prompts they need based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other access criteria you wish to assign for each user. Employees can login via their unique employee portal to add new baked goods to the menu, update order statuses and inventory, modify images, pricing, stock, etc., track orders and sales, and more. Customers can login via their unique customer portal to submit orders, track the status of their orders and order history, view and pay invoices, save specific baked goods as favorites, and more. 


Easily monitor your app activity with the ability to track every time a change was made to your app, including when and by whom the change was made, as well as every time an email is sent from your app.