Bakery Software

The only app you’ll need to share your baked goods and manage sales. 


Your bakery is unique with its own story, brand, and team. Don’t let traditional, cookie-cutter softwares manage your bakery as if it’s just like every other- give your bakery the flexibility and personalization it deserves with the Tadabase bakery template app that is fully customizable to your bakery’s every unique need and process. Kept simple, this template can be mastered as-is by a boutique bakery to streamline operations, or it can be built out to scale to the exact needs of a large chain bakery franchise.


Share your baked goods with your customers including images, pricing, availability, ingredients, calories, and any other information you’d like your customers to see. Choose from our expansive library of components to impress your customers from every angle and present your data in the best light every time. Use the gallery component to showcase images of your baked goods in beautifully laid out cards with custom colors and icons. Use the table component for a clean and easy to process display of accompanying data, such as pricing, ingredients, calories, etc. Whatever the data, the choice is yours to display it in the way that makes the most sense to you and will present best to your customers, employees, and other app users. 


In addition to sharing your baked goods and relevant data with your customers, the app can be used to accept customer orders, track customer information and order history, manage your sales, track inventory, track your employee data and scheduling, and more. You can automate much of this process by creating custom triggers for automatic notifications, alerts, emails and texts, and follow up tasks that automate when your custom-defined criteria is met. So you can create automated alerts when ingredients are low in stock, automated texts to customers when order deliveries are on their way or when orders are ready for pickup, or automated, personalized emails to customers when a new pastry has been introduced to the menu. You can create as many actionable triggers as you wish to establish your ideal automated workflow. 


To maintain your custom workflow, the app has 2 unique portals so that employees and customers can login to their respective portals to access their unique data and collaborate as you’d like them to based on their specific user roles. So your employees can login via the employee portal to update order statuses and inventory, while customers can login via the customer portal to browse your bakery selection, submit orders, view/update their orders, and track their order histories. You can create as many unique portals and user roles as you need, and you can customize exactly what each user can see and do upon login to your app for maximum data security and workflow efficiency.